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  • access-control

    Access Control

    Trusted by millions of customers around the world, HID Global provides comprehensive physical access control solutions to secure your facilities, assets, networks and cloud resources.

  • ce840

    CE 840

    Reliable and intuitive embossing and printing for a variety of markets

    • Issue highly secure and personalized cards on demand or in low-volume batches
    • High-quality embossing and indenting up to 150 characters
    • Easily integrates with new or existing card issuance software and infrastructures
  • cozyPos

    CozyPos Retail Solution

    CozyPos Retail Solution

    CozyPos is a retail management software solution for restaurants and retail shops. Solutions comes with various modules for effecient management of retail business.

  • Desktop Card Printer

    Create the card that fits your ID card issuance program needs with reliable card printers, high-quality supplies, easy-to-use software, responsive global services and a strong Datacard network of partners to support you. No matter what your requirements, Datacard solutions enable you to create durable, and professional high quality ID cards, employee badges, school ID’s, loyalty cards, membership cards, and more.

    An extension of the proven Datacard® SD Series, the affordable and efficient Datacard® SD160TM card printer offers the right combination of technologies to meet a wide range of application requirements. Direct-to-card (DTC) printing technologies provide the versatility to reliably produce attractive cards with high quality, full-color or single-color photos, graphics and text.  Featuring rewritable printing, inline magnetic stripe encoding, a unique ultraviolet (UV) printing security feature and intuitive operation, the SD160 card printer provides security and simplicity while protecting your bottom line.

    • Launch Your ID card program with the right mix of affordability, security and simplicity
    • Get one reliable system for producing full-color or monochrome cards, plus magnetic stripe encoding
    • Add an invisible layer of covert security with a UV ink ribbon option
    • Expect intuitive operation and less user intervention
    • Produce  a wide variety of high quality photo ID cards or badges

    Ultimate Value.
    With entry-level pricing, the SD160 printer is a smart choice for efficiently producing a variety of high quality cards to get your ID program started.  The SD160 has unique low yield print ribbons that allows you to meet your card printing needs as they arise.

    Full Versatility and Flexibility.
    The SD160 card printer offers full-color or monochrome printing with single-pass efficiency — plus rewritable printing and inline magnetic stripe encoding. Print cards for many types of applications, including  corporate IDs, healthcare IDs, student, visitor or staff badges, and retail, hospitality or loyalty cards.

    Less User Intervention.
    The SD160 printer is simple and intuitive to operate and maintain. Minimal training and an easy installation get you set up and printing quickly.   The intuitive LCD panel with soft-touch controls and an automatic 100-card input hopper and 25-card output hopper come standard with the SD160 card printer to help you be as efficient as possible.

    Economical Security

    Unlike comparably priced card printers, this system includes a UV ink option that prints an invisible layer of covert security.

    • Print technology 
      • Direct-to-card dye-sublimation/resin thermal transfer
    • Print capabilities      
      • One-sided, edge-to-edge printing
      • Rewritable printing
      • Full-color and monochrome printing capability
      • Alphanumeric text, logos and digitized signatures; 1D/2D bar code images
      • Printer pooling/sharing
    • Print resolution     
      • 300 dots per inch, 256 shades per color panel
    • Print speed 
      • Full-color printing: up to 150 cards per hour, one-sided (YMCKT)
      • Monochrome: up to 500 cards per hour, one-sided (black HQ)
    • Card capacity   
      • Automatic feed: 100-card input for 0.030 in. (0.76 mm) cards; 25-card output standard
      • Exception slot manual feed: 1-card input
    • Physical dimensions
      • L 15.4 in. x W 6.9 in. x H 8.8 in. (39.1 cm x 17.5 cm x 22.4 cm)
    • Weight
      • 8.1 lbs (3.7 kg) (depending on options)
    • Operating system support for printer driver
      • Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit)
      • Windows 8.1 (32 and 64 bit)
      • Windows Server 2003 (32 bit) R2
      • Windows Server 2008 R2 (64 bit)
      • Windows Server 2012 (64 bit)
    • Included with printer
      • Printer driver CD, Quick Install Guide and warranty
      • Free ID Works® Intro identification software
      • Cleaning swab (5/pk)
      • Cleaning roller spindle
      • USB cable
      • Power supply
      • Power cord (region-specific)
    • Warranties
      • 24-month standard depot warranty
      • 24-month printhead warranty (no pass restrictions)

  • hosp-mate


    Most comprehensive software
    For Management of Hospitals and Nursing Homes

    The integrated hospital management system called Hospmate has been designed and developed by Busysoft Systems with help of different hospitals and nursing homes. The software is under use and development since 1998.

  • Id-works

    ID Works

    Produce high-quality cards simply and securely with ID Works® identification software. You’ll enjoy the features, functionality and scalability needed to seamlessly create card and report designs, production forms and databases. This flexible, powerful platform comes in four unique editions:

    • ID Works® Intro identification software for entry-level ID cards
    • ID Works® Basic identification software for essential card design and printing
    • ID Works® Standard identification software for advanced card design and database management with contact and contactless smart card support
    • ID Works® Enterprise identification software for sophisticated security and contact and contactless smart card support
  • infotex-118

    Incotex 118

    Technical Characteristics:

    Quick and noiseless thermal printer:

    • Thermal printer
      • easy paper loading
      • single-layer thermal paper, width 57 mm, external diameter – up to 57mm
  • infotex-133

    Incotex 133

    Technical Characteristics:

    • Operator and customer displays – graphic alphanumeric LCD, 132 x 32
    • Keyboard:
      • 12 digits keys
      • 26 functional keys
    • Thermal printer Seiko:
      • easy paper loading
      • printing rate – max 60mm/sec
      • characters per line – 32
      • thermal paper roll width – 57mm, f up to 65mm
  • infotex-181

    Incotex 181F

    Technical Characteristics:

    • Operator’s display – Graphic LCD with backlight (13-digit 7-segment)
    • Thermal printer Seiko:
      • easy paper loading
      • printing rate – max 60mm/sec
      • number of character – 32 characters per line
      • thermal paper, one layer, width- 57mm, ext. diameter up to 42mm
  • infotex-300sm

    Incotex 300sm

    Technical Characteristics:

    • OLED graphic display – 22.4 x 5.6mm; 128 x 32 pixels
    • Fast and noiseless thermal printer Seiko:
      • easy paper loading
      • auto-cutter
      • printing speed – 150 mm/s
      • thermal paper:
        • single layer, 80 mm wide
        • paper roll diameter – max. 80 mm
  • lab-mate

    Labmat ERP

    Comprehensive ERP Information Management System
    For Medical Diagnostic Laboratories ERP integrates total workflow of information in Laboratory Management.
    The application helps in redundancy check, improves performance, ease of access, role based security, ease of use, reduced hardware software and IT costs.

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